Gotra Name

As per Upkesh Gachh Patavali Acharya Shri Ratnaprabh Suri gave first religious discourse to the public on the 14th day of Shravan Krashna Paksha of veer sanwal 70,(about 2461 years ago). This sermon was so impressive, that the entire audiance not only began to believe seriously but were also convinced that the real happiness lay in sacrifice, and that the wealth, prosperity, and physical pleasure are only worldly desires. They unhappiness at the end.

The road to heaven is in renunciation, and love to all. They realized that before a child's birth, the mother face a hellish pain in the womb. The pain is so dreadful, that one swears not to do any wrong thing in future again. However, after birth he/she, immediately towards sexual pleasures and enjoyment.

At that time 18 prsons present were so impressed that they desired to be Shravaks. The Acharya gave them the necessary Mantras and made them Mahajans.

Kuldevi Name

The identification of the origin of a race is mainly done on the basis of the languages and the features of the physical structure as laid down by the Anthropologists. According to an analysis based on Skin colour, interesting people of all the three representative colours are available amongst the Indian populace.

It was the tradition that the buffalo, sheep or goat used to be butchered (sacrificed) for the worship of the Goddess. The people used to make offring of flesh of the victims to please the goddess.

In Veer Snawat 70, Acharya Shri Ratnaprabh Suri was in that city. When he heard about this custom, he called the public and gave a grand lecture speaking vehemently against this sin. People replied, 'If we do not sacrifice the animals, the goddess will become furious and may harm us."

Acharya advised the people, "Go to the temple of the Goddess and tell her that the Acharya had administered them an oath not to kill any beast for 'your' worship. We are helpless. So please do the needful." Then the Goddess became furious and in order to take revenge she caused a trouble in the eyes of the Acharya. The Acharya immediately understood what the cause of the trouble in his eyes was. He faced the trouble with equanimity.

Three days passed and when no reaction came from the Acharya, the Goddess somewhat calmed down and went to the Acharya and blamed him for doing her wrong in return of good deeds done by her. Acharya asked her what after all she wanted. Goddess replied that she wanted her Karda-Murda. Acharya agreed to also remain present on the occasion when it would be offered. Goddess went away happily.

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